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The issue of when a child will be with each parent is perhaps the most divisive issue facing parents going through a divorce. It is important that both parents stay active and involved in their child's life, but coming to an agreement on the specifics can be a lengthy, expensive and exhausting experience. It takes patience and a willingness to compromise to create a lasting and effective parenting plan. Hiring a diligent and skilled child custody attorney can make the process move along more smoothly.

Steven J. Gilpatrick Attorney at Law has been litigating child visitation rights cases in Ocean City & Shalimar, FL for over 20 years, not only as a private practitioner but also as a court-appointed advocate for children and a child custody attorney for the Florida Department of Children and Families. I understand the pitfalls that parents often encounter when trying to maintain custody of their children.

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5 family law matters I can assist with

5 family law matters I can assist with

In court, child visitation rights are often about maintaining the status quo, and temporary custody decisions - especially ones related to allegations of domestic violence - can become permanent with little warning. Often a parent will choose to forego a child custody attorney for a restraining order hearing, only to find out months later that their right to spend time with their child had practically been decided at that hearing.

Our firm helps clients with the following child custody and visitation issues:

  1. Temporary custody
  2. Joint legal custody
  3. Parenting plan creation and modification
  4. Military custody issues
  5. Restraining orders

Whether you want to establish an equitable parenting plan that allows both parents to be a part of your child's life, or you are concerned about the effect that a restraining order may have on your ability to spend time with your child, contact my firm today to schedule an initial consultation about your case.