What Should You Do If Your Ex-Spouse Fails to Pay Child Support?

Seek help from a child support enforcement attorney in Ocean City or Shalimar, FL

Reaching a divorce settlement can be a long and stressful process - and things can become even more stressful if your ex-spouse doesn't uphold their end of the agreement. As an experienced family law lawyer, I can help you pursue a court enforcement order if your ex-spouse:

Fails to follow a parenting plan
Fails to pay child support
Fails to pay spousal support

Are you seeking a court enforcement in Ocean City, Shalimar, FL or the surrounding area? A child support enforcement attorney can help. Schedule a consultation with Steven J. Gilpatrick Attorney at Law today.

Dedicated to helping clients move forward

Dedicated to helping clients move forward

With years of experience as a child & spousal support attorney, I have a thorough understanding of the enforcement process. In addition to helping clients seek enforcements, I also defend clients in contempt of court proceedings. I'm committed to helping parents resolve issues quickly.

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