Make Sure You Obtain Court Approval Before Moving

Hire a parental relocation attorney in Ocean City & Shalimar, FL

During the past few years, new laws have been put in place regarding parental relocation. If a parent who shares custody of a child wishes to move, they must notify the other parent and file a petition with the court. The non-relocating parent will have the opportunity to object to the petition.

Whether you're seeking to relocate or to object to a relocation petition, a parental relocation attorney can help. To schedule a consultation with an experienced child relocation lawyer in Shalimar, FL, contact Steven J. Gilpatrick Attorney at Law today.

What factors will influence the court's decision?

What factors will influence the court's decision?

A parental relocation attorney can help you file a petition and prepare for your hearing. During the hearing, the court may consider:

  • Your reasons for relocating
  • Your relationship with your child
  • ow your relocation will impact your child's relationship with their other parent

There are serious ramifications involved in relocating without permission. So, before you make plans to move, meet with a child relocation lawyer who can make sure you're following the proper procedure.