I hired Steve to help with my divorce. He's knowledgeable and fair and really helped push an addendum to the paperwork that was already filed with the court and pending a hearing. The judge accepted the additional terms and had the case closed in a matter of days.


Uncontested Divorce

Steve is excellent. When we had our consultation, unlike the other two lawyers I considered, Steve had already read through the case and parsed the details, so that when we talked, he was fully informed and had a plan of action already. I decided to hire him based on the consultation, and I was not disappointed. He secured the primary custody arrangement I was looking for, all while keeping me in the loop and explaining the process. I can't say enough good things about him and his staff, and the peace of mind that I now have thanks to them.


Excellent Child Custody Lawyer

I wanted to take a moment and thank Steven Gilpatrick and his entire staff for the extremely professional manner in which you handled my divorce. Your advice, manner and patience were exemplary throughout the process. I was impressed with counsel along the way and especially the way you presented my cases in court. Thank you, and I highly recommend!


The Best!!

Amazing! I don't think I could adequately put in words what Steve, Brie and Brook mean to me. I, like most of the posts here, was in a crazy divorce situation. Steven's counsel was rock solid. Of course I was emotional at times but he kept me objective and realistic. To the post who said Steve "talked over her".....he is merely direct and to the point. He lets you tell your story but also keeps you on point. He is your lawyer not your counselor. Received an email just yesterday that he was "closing my case" as the divorce is over, but to call any time if issues arose. I'm sure my ex will be in contempt of court at some point and I'll run directly to Steve and Brook. I still need to send ya'll an "Edible Arrangement" fruit basked or something as a token of my thank you.


He got me through his crazy to my sanity

Mr. Gilpatrick is not only a smart, effective attorney but he is also compassionate and kind. Which is not only a breathe of fresh air but it makes going trough any kind of a legal situation so much easier. His staff is incredibly efficient and I always felt they were on top of my case and there for me with any questions I might have. I'm grateful and would certainly use them again if I needed help.


Professional, Courteous, Efficient and Kind

My family hired the Gilpatrick law firm two years ago to address medical, educational, and custodial concerns regarding my teenage daughter. I have a very complex and complicated case that has dealt with years of severe parental alienation and involved numerous agencies, such as doctors, social workers, school officials, and therapists. Gilpatrick and his team addressed the numerous moving parts in my case and proved my concerns to the court which acknowledged and addressed the years of alienation done by my ex. This allowed for modification of custody and the full custodial rights of my daughter. I was able to get her back in school full time (making great grades), healthy, and most importantly, I'm able to rebuild my relationship with my daughter.

Thankful Father


Mr. Gilpatrick assisted me with post divorce issues. He is an incredible professional, competent, effective, transparent, and extremely helpful and kind. I feel like he went above and beyond to make sure I understood everything that was related to my case and he took the time to listen to my concerns. I definitely recommend him and his team, equally great. He's a honest, down to earth, super experienced lawyer. Thanks to his advice and expertise, I knew exactly what to expect and felt completely comfortable throughout the case and the hearing. You definitely want him on your side!

Wonderful representation


My wife blind sided me with a divorce. I was completely overwhelmed with the thought of breaking my family apart. I feel so fortunate having found Mr. Steven Gilpatrick's team. Not only did Steve help me navigate the legal process, I felt like he really cared about how I was coping emotionally. His office staff, Brie and Brooke were also very helpful and professional. I highly recommend this company!



Steve was referred to me after several attempts of trying to get my grand child. He was very confident, straightforward and a no nonsense Atty. This is exactly what we needed! I would highly recommend Steve and his staff to anyone who needs someone on their side to fight for justice on their side. Thank you Steve for all you've done!


Awesome atty!

Steven Gilpatrick was referred to me by a client/friend of mine. I'm glad I listened to her advice. Steven was professional, yet personable. He was patient and listened attentively, answering all of my questions, and then some. He was informative and clearly knowledgeable and experienced, and thorough. During my Mediation, he was the Advocate I needed in my corner. I am truly impressed with his work, as well as with Brooke, his paralegal and Bria. While I hope to never need his services again, I will always strongly recommend him to everyone that needs a great divorce attorney. I could not be more pleased!


Excellent Attorney! Great Communicator AND Listener!